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Use for Find Replace :

What does this web app :

This web app can edit PDF Metadata.

Instructions for Edit PDF Metadata Online Tool :

1. Drag and drop the PDF documents and wait to upload.

2. Check which metadata fields you want to change e.g. "Author" and specify their new values in the textbox.

3. If you want to clear all existing metadata check the "Clear All Metadata" checkbox.

4. If you want to find and replace existing metadata values then in the "Find" textbox enter the text to find and in the "Replace" textbox enter the text that will replace it. You can also specify to use for Find-Replace "Exact match", "Wildcards" or "Regular Expressions".

5. If you want to add custom metadata fields enter the field name and field values in the textboxes "Custom Metadata Field Name" and "Custom Metadata Field Value".

6. Enter user password (for Open) if there is one.

7. Press on the "Edit PDF Metadata" button and wait.

8. Press on the "Download Result" button to download zip package with result PDF documents.


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